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Top features: – No professional installation needed to upgrade your homes heating – Save tons on utilities by taking advantage of the Nest app for iOS and Android – Sync up with Google Home and control the temperature with your voice – Heat Link E lets your device modulate the temperature automatically No professional installation neededThe Nest Thermostat E is the ideal cost cutting solution for your home. Most utility expenses come from keeping your home warm – it make sense to take advantage of a smart device works with your existing heating to run efficiently. This device doesn’t need professional installation, so you can install it yourself and start saving right away.It includes the Thermostat E and the Heat Link E. The Heat Link goes in the same place as your current thermostat, while the Thermostat E can be placed somewhere handy in your home.Save tons on utilitiesDownload the easy-to-use Nest app on your smartphone and control your home’s temperature, anytime and from anywhere. The Thermostat E knows when everyone’s left the house and automatically turns the heating down, so you’re not warming an empty house. You can turn your heating back up from the app, so you can get your home nice and toasty by the time you get home from work, without leaving the heat on all day.Sync up with Google HomeThe Thermostat E is compatible with your Google Home, so you can ask your Google Assistant to turn down the heat if it’s getting warm while you’re cooking dinner.Heat Link EThe Heat Link E is also included to sense the temperature in the house, so the Thermostat E can automatically adjust the heating when needed. Don’t worry about the Heat Link E sticking out like a sore thumb. This handy device comes in grey to complement any wall colour.

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